Magic for Malls - Now released

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Magic For Malls makes the connection between the low self-esteem experienced by many retail staff and the poor level of service suffered by customers.

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Review - Sue Black, Age Concern

I should let you know how inspiring I found Magic for Malls. I would have delivered the training I did - to student representatives and sales and office staff - so much more effectively, and enjoyably too.

I think your thoughts on the damage education can do to people’s creativity and individuality are very astute, and I would like to hope that some of your techniques could be developed to good effect in that realm. Children can be helped to believe they “can” do more easily than that they “can’t” because they have hope and enthusiasm, to see that flattened out of them is very sad. I really believe the work you have been doing can successfully overturn the damage schools, society and bureaucracy does.

You show a deep compassion and care for people in every word and a real passion for helping others achieve their potential. I found that truly touching and inspiring, and I hope it has helped me to be a little more compassionate too. I can be too harsh a judge of others as I am of myself, I think Magic helped.

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An IBM global poll of 1,800 CEOs found that the most important qualities they seek in recruits to management rôles are ‘Creativity’ and ‘Adaptability’, in that order.*

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FIRST Retail Academies in the UK and Germany.

FIRST electronic shopper count system in the UK.

FIRST branded Food Court in the UK.

FIRST Key Performance Indicator Benchmark for shopping centres in the UK.


FIRST Mystery Diner programme in the UK.

FIRST successful Food Court in Ireland.

FIRST German mall to have over 25% of space given to leisure.

…and much more.

*Source: Sir Ken Robinson, TED Talks.